Aedon Consulting performs work on both large and small projects. The approach to each is quite different.

Large Projects

These are projects valued over ten million dollars. Some of the challenges with larger projects are:

  • The interaction of major components in terms of schedule and constructability need to be understood.
  • Needs a dedicated Project Manager.
  • Front End Engineering Design needs to be verified, or created.

Some Solutions

  • Constructability reviews should be started in the early stages of the project.
  • Set up the execution method and engineering standards at the start.
  • Identify long delivery items and specify up front.
  • Provide a specialist engineer with experience and knowledge of large projects to act as the project lead.
  • Expedite the equipment suppliers to ensure timely information.

Small Projects

Small projects are completed in a multi-discipline environment. Some of the challenges with small projects are as follows:

  • Because there are fewer components there is less float in the schedule, so greater diligence is required in project execution.
  • Except in the case of preventative maintenance projects, their timing may not allow for the
    appropriate advanced planning.
  • Organizations require smaller projects to be executed using the same processes as larger projects.
  • They still required project managing.
  • They need concentrated attention in the early stages because corrective actions later may result in a larger cost variation and schedule slippage, percentage wise, compared to large projects.
  • Depending on the scope of work, they may require senior staff involvement, which could result in temporary staff shortages for large projects.
  • Usually required to be executed at a faster pace than large projects.

A Few Proposed Solutions

  • Provide staff with cross-disciplinary expertise along with project management and construction experience.
  • Provide constructability and procurement support.
  • Apply systems engineering techniques at the beginning of the project.
  • Provide technical leads with project management and EPC project execution experience.
  • Always adopt proven methods to mitigate risk, and adopt client standards, if they are available.