Aedon Consulting Inc is committed to protecting the personal information of all employees, clients, and all other third parties.

First we obtain consent for collecting, using, and disclosing any personal information.

If the personal information is shared with us based on the fact that the party who is sharing the information is not aware of the fact that the personal information is transmitted or shared, then we are obliged to remind them that this information is personal and is being kept confidential in the company and can be only used if their consent is taken only and if they then agree with these terms.

We collect personal information directly from the person, group or company who has it.

We disclose the personal information only after the consent for the purposes for which it was collected.

If requested we can provide all parties with information about the existence, use and disclosure of the personal information, at any time.

We inform the party clearly when collecting the information about the possible-in-future purpose of the information.

We ensure that any personal information is as detailed as necessary for the collection purposes.

We ensure that personal information is secure and keep the information only as long as our business requires.

We collect personal information mainly for the following purposes:

  • Establish and maintain commercial relations
  • Understand specific service and/or project requirements
  • Develop, improve our market or provide better products and services
  • Manage and develop our business and operations
  • Meet legal and regulatory requirements

Once granted, the consent can be withdrawn at any time by the party who has the information.

We use reasonable security safeguards to protect all personal information against unauthorized access, use, disclosure, loss, modification or destruction.

We designate an individual to ensure that we comply with the privacy requirements.